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[News] Mummy Returns!

14-11-2014 by Gbrother


The ferocious evil legions are wreaking havoc across the land, which foretells the impending Planar Wars. The mummies will wake up from eons of sleep and rip the corpses and hearts of their enemies. After ruthless holocaust, the devils, led by the dark lord, finally set their foot on Heaven. This time, they will face the strongest resistance ever-the elites from angel alliance. Belief, blasphemy, friendship, betrayal, war……..The everlasting battle between gods and devils sees no end in sight with the awakening of mummies and their infernal legions!

【New Class Is Available: The Mummy Returns!】

The new class-Mummy will be available in the new version. The first promotional trailer will be released soon. This is the first time ever that a new class is introduced in Inferno Legend. The new skill will mainly use summoning and fire skills, which can summon Lord Servitor to form a 9-unit formation or storm the enemy defense as an assassin. Its exclusive weapon is staff,which can increase the skill level, damage and Crit.

【Mummy boasts powerful magic and servant summoning skill.】

The mummy will gradually rear its ugly head as the class level increases! Powerful magic skills, inescapable special effects, insanely high damage output, coupled with awesome AOE and various types of negative buffs to the enemies, makes mummy a formidable figure. Moreover, its passive skills also bring high resistance to itself, making the mummy a powerful fighter as well as a good survivalist.
“Two heads are better than one”, and the powerful summoning skill of the mummy perfectly exemplifies these words. You can have a ninth member in your 8-unit formation, and there will be 3 lords out of 4 servants (Tank, first-class healer and high DPS). Its passive skills can increase the power of servants. And, don't forget the daunting resurrection mode, which will be triggered after all other servitors die! This mode will make even the bravest enemy desperate! What a godly existence